Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Timmy Abbros, P.I.E.

There is sad news in the blog world. Today I learned that Timmy Abbros, author of the blog “Timmy - Still Waiting” passed away on October 3rd. Timmy’s brother Lee posted a lovely tribute to his brother, bringing us the news. Timmy’s blog was rather different than mine, but I greatly enjoyed it because of his great humour and the blunt, raw style of his writing. While he had some serious medical conditions, he was a young man with much to look forward to and he will be missed, both in his real life and in cyberspace. Below is a reprint of a comment I made on Timmy’s site earlier today.

Lee, I would like to express my deep condolence for your loss and your family's loss. From his writing, I came to know such a fun person and I can only imagine how much greater he was in real life. It is so tragic to lose a young man with great promise so early in his life.

I have been reading Timmy's blog for less than 2 months now but, as soon as I read it, I realized how special this blog was and how special Timmy must be. Most impressive was how his humour infused everything in his life, even his medical problems, which was evident all the way to his last post. Behind the humour, I also noticed a great mind and intellect just beginning to assert itself. A blog that is humourous, engaging and well written is such a rarity and your brother's blog was one of only a handful of such gems out there. He and his writings will be greatly missed.

Lee, I wish you strength and comfort and P.I.E. Timmy.



Lee wrote in the post that Timmy didn’t like the term RIP, standing for Rest In Peace. He wrote “I remember he once said why do people say rest in peace? I don’t want to rest in peace I want to party in enjoyment. When I die I want to make Pie.”

So P.I.E., Timmy, you will be missed. And I encourage everyone to take another look at Timmy’s blog, through the link on the sidebar. I don’t know how long it will stay up, but the writing is quite enjoyable so I encourage everyone to see it while they can.

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  1. Evan you have an eloquent loving nature. The world needs more people like you. That was a wonderful thing you wrote for Timmy and the concern you expressed for his brother is truly humanity written in words.