Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Return to Blogging

Hey everyone! Is anyone still here?

It has been more than 5 years since my last post here but lately I have been thinking about restarting my blog. My life is a lot different than it was when I started this, so that is likely why after the first year or so posts got less frequent, stopped for long periods of time, and eventually ended for good. In later posts I might explore some of the reasons why but for now I just want a post up to indicate I am returning.

My plan for upcoming posts is for more of those posts that focus on travel, places to see, and - the big part - food, including recipes and reviews. For instance, I will be going on vacation soon, so there will likely be one or more posts related to my trip. I will probably be posting my photos as they relate to what I am posting. I know some of my readers really appreciated the more involved think pieces, and I enjoyed delving into those and writing them as well. However those took a lot of time to write and likely contributed to why I discontinued the blog, especially once I was working full time in research. So I may not be writing so much of those any more, but you never know. If an intriguing topic presents itself and I have the time to write it, that sort of thing may show up again.

So we'll just see what happens and how often I will post, or if this re-start even sticks, but for now I am eager to start up the blog again.

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  1. Hello Evan. I am glad to see you are going to blog again. I look forward to your new posts. Hugs